Is it safe to hire a professional escort in Goa?

Goa is a place which is different from other places. Finding an escort in Goa is not a difficult task but you have to be aware of the fraud pimps. In Goa, you can hire a professional escort through a service provider (pimp) or a reputed independent escort. In Goa, you will also find some hotels which are friendly with the escorts and let you have your privacy and time. You have to be sure that the escort you are hiring through a pimp is the same that he promised you. If your pimp is not keen on showing which escort will be going to entertain you then do not proceed further with your deal with that pimp. Sometimes it may turn out difficult to hire an escort in Goa as it can be a scam also. So you need to have knowledge about how this works in Goa.
Just to be safe if your pimp asks you to meet, meet them at a public place. Also when you are with the escort do not carry more cash than needed. It is recommended that before hiring the escort to ensure that the escort is healthy and does not …